Christian Misa, BFA, Partner

More Than Just Another Employee Benefit Consultant

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Meet Christian Misa, BFA

When business owners experience problems with their employee benefit program, it’s not uncommon for them to become stressed, frustrated and desperate in their search for answers.  With their chief task of running a successful business, the last thing they should need to worry about is the added hassles of managing employee benefit problems.

My passion for employee benefits and lengthy record of insurance industry experience provides me with the insight, skills and determination to solve even the most difficult employee benefit dilemmas.  Recognizing that no one approach is the right approach for every situation, my method involves thorough reviews, diligent research and an organized, well thought out, customized strategy.

Backed by a well-trained staff, substantial resources and with a successful track record of professional service and effectively designing employee benefits cost control strategies for several hundred clients, I am prepared to anticipate and resolve even the most difficult employee benefit challenges.

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A successful employee benefits program requires knowledge, planning, and execution of many components.

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Explore our case studies to see how we are helping clients control costs and increase employee satisfaction.

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Compliance videos to simplify complex topics.

Watch our health care reform videos to gain an understanding on how recent legislation affects your benefits program.

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If you’re like most business owners today, you struggle with managing the cost of employee benefit plans while improving recruitment, retention and productivity all at the same time. Unfortunately, accomplishing this while maintaining employee satisfaction is often difficult, especially in today’s diverse workforces and rapidly increasing benefit pricing. At Directional Benefits a Division of Directional Wealth Mgmt., we can assist you achieve a proper balance.